Thursday, 3 February 2011

7 - Please Daddy, No!

You were standing at the kitchen sink doing the washing up when I walked in. You looked over your shoulder and smiled at me until you saw the look in my eyes. I strode across the living room and into the kitchen. I took the plate you were washing out of your hands and threw it into the sink. I grabbed you by your hair and dragged you out of the kitchen and down the hallway into the bedroom. You let out a scream as I dragged you along.

“What are you doing Daddy? You’re hurting me!”

“I’m taking what’s mine. And I’m going to remind you who you belong to! You’re Daddy’s, understand?”

You nodded your head. I used your hair to turn you around to face me. We were standing in front of the bed.

“Who do you belong to?”

“You Daddy, only you.”

I threw you down on to the bed. Before you could begin to move, I started to rip off your clothes. You tried to keep your legs together as I pulled off your pants, but I grabbed one in each hand and threw them apart. I ripped off your pants and started to rub your pussy.

“You’re already so wet for me. You want this you little slut don’t you?”

“No Daddy, please don’t hurt me!”

I forced your legs apart and lay down on top of you, forcing my cock deep inside you. You bucked and tried to kick me off. I grabbed your arms and pinned you to the bed as I began to fuck you. There was nothing gentle in my actions, I was thrusting and slamming my cock deep into you as I held you down on the bed.

“No Daddy. No, please don’t do this.”

I pushed you into the bed harder and thrust my cock into your pussy even faster. I was so close to cumming now and the frightened little girl look you were giving me was driving me even closer to the edge.

“Don’t try to tell me you don’t like this Babygirl. I can feel your pussy throbbing around my cock. I’ll bet you were just waiting for Daddy to come home and take you, weren’t you?”

“No Daddy. Please stop, you’re hurting me!”

“Shut up slut, Daddy’s going to cum!”

“No Daddy, please don’t cum in me. Please Daddy No!”

“It’s for your own good Babygirl. You’re a dirty little girl and Daddy needs to teach you a lesson!”

I grunted as I came, shooting my hot cum deep into your pussy. You bucked and thrashed as I came in you. Once I had finished I pulled my cock out of you and replaced it with a finger, using it to gather up all the cum I had just shot in you. Once I had gathered it all into my hand, I wiped it on your tits.

I looked down at you, you were still giving me that frightened little girl look and the cum I had wiped on your tits was making it look even sexier. I leaned down and spat into the cum.

“Clean yourself up slut, then get to sleep!”

I let you sleep for a little while, watching your body as it was illuminated by the moonlight coming in through the window. I watched your tits rise and fall as you breathed and started to get hard again. You turned over in your sleep so you were lying on your front with your ass sticking into the air.

I had to fuck that ass, whether you wanted me to or not!

I leaned over and spread your ass cheeks apart, making you moan in your sleep. You moaned harder as I leaned down and pushed my tongue deep into your hole, making it nice and wet for me to slide my cock into you. You awoke slowly and started to mumble.

“What are you doing Daddy?”

I took my tongue out of your ass to answer you, sliding myself onto you as I did.

“I’m going to fuck that pretty ass of yours!”

I felt your body tense up under me.

“Please No Daddy! Not in my ass, it’ll hurt too much. Take my pussy, please. I’ll make it nice and wet for you!”

You reached under yourself and started to stroke your pussy as you talked, making yourself moan as you did. I grabbed your hand and forced it onto the bed, holding it in place while I lined my hard cock up with your ass hole.

“Please Daddy, I’m begging you! Please don’t fuck my ass! Fuck my pussy instead! I’ll be a good girl Daddy and let you fuck my pussy; it’s nice and wet for you Daddy. Please don’t fuck my ass!”

I pushed myself forward until my cock was entering your tight ass.

“Oh, please Daddy No. Ooooohhh Daddy, it hurts!”

“Shut up slut and enjoy it. Daddy’s going to fuck your ass whether you like it or not! It’s time you learned that you belong to me! I can do anything I want to you, any time I want!”

I pushed my cock until it was all the way inside you. I gave you a minute to adjust to having something in your ass before I started to fuck you hard. I took one of my hands away from yours and used it to pull your head back by the hair until my mouth was next to your ear.

“You love it don’t you slut?”

“No Daddy, it hurts!”

“Tell me you love the way Daddy fucks your ass!”

“It hurts Daddy!”

I thrust myself into your even harder, until your whole body moved off the bed with every thrust, making you squeal.

“Tell me you love it!”

“Yes Daddy!”


“I love the way you fuck my ass Daddy. Make me your little anal whore!”

I slammed into your ass hard, making you squeal with every thrust and pulling your head back by the hair every time. I felt the cum starting to rise in me and pulled my cock out of you, shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum all over your ass.

Once I had finished cumming, I grabbed your head by the hair and threw you down onto the bed. I had made you surrender to me and tell me that you loved the way I fucked your ass. You moved to get off the bed but I grabbed you by your shoulder and forced you back down.

“Oh no you don’t Babygirl. You’re going to leave that cum exactly where it is and sleep with it running down your ass!”

You nodded at me, afraid that I would take you and fuck you again if you disobeyed me. As I lay down beside you, I knew that there was one way left that I could get you to surrender to me.

“What do you say Babygirl?”

It took you a few seconds to answer. While you thought of you answer I forced my cock back into your ass. You were going to sleep with it there tonight.

“Thankyou Daddy.”